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Brian Smyth Artist

Brian Smyth was born in Cork, Ireland in 1967. He studied art at the Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork, graduating in 1995 with an honours degree in Art & Design.

Smyth’s paintings capture the very essence of his subjects. He is equally successful in his treatment of portraits as he is with crowd scenes or café society, a master of creating a sense of time and place in his paintings he finds beauty in unusual places, especially within cities and leaves the viewer with an enduring and distant image on which to contemplate.

Brian’s journey took an intriguing turn when in 2012 he ventured to The Angel Academy in Florence. There, he immersed himself in the classical arts, refining his technique and gaining inspiration. His dedication was so profound that he later became an instructor, sharing his expertise through private workshops in portrait painting, plein air landscapes, and masterful reproductions.

Smyth has won many plaudits for his contemporary paintings and has exhibited regularly in Ireland, England and Scotland and Italy. Today Brian’s’ paintings are featured in many private and public art collections.

Brian Smyth Artist