Roisin O'Farrell portrait

Roisin O’Farrell  Artist

Irish artist, Roisin O’Farrell is one of Ireland’s recession success stories. Made redundant in 2008 she turned to her lifelong passion and family tradition of painting. Born to a family of talented artists, her exposure to art from an early age offered her a visual apprenticeship to both classical and contemporary art. The daily painting movement was an early influence, it’s commitment to daily practice fitting well with her disciplined approach and commitment to improving her craft.

Róisín’s work embraces beauty in imperfection. The idea that beauty exists despite, and possibly even because of, its imperfection. She consciously honours the imperfect in her work, saving it from correction and allowing the work to express it’s own beauty. She paints bright, vibrantly colorful paintings in textured, buttery oils with a contemporary finish. Her work is influenced by a sense of home, and feature warm, light filled period interiors, tumbled families of rain boots, and quirky china teacups. “How I paint is as important to me as what I paint. Certainly light, colour and texture are critical elements”.

Alternating between pallet knife and brush allows me to create rich textures, use lots of juicy paint and suggest rather than describe. I’m affected by bold jewel colours and treat myselfto them as I work, like sweeties from a box.”

Discovered by The Killarney Art Gallery in early 2009, Roisin O’Farrell has gone on to exhibit widely in established galleries and international fairs throughout Ireland, UK and Europe.