Santa Croce Basilica, Florence

Oil on Canvas


“Nocturne at Santa Croce” is a mesmerizing painting that captures the enchanting beauty of Basilica di Santa Croce in Florence during the tranquil evening hours, with a full moon rising majestically behind it. This artwork transports viewers to a moment of serene contemplation in the heart of Florence.

The towering facade of Basilica di Santa Croce dominates the center of the composition. The artist has meticulously recreated the intricate details of this iconic Gothic church. The façade’s ornate rose window and the delicate tracery of its arched doorways are illuminated by the soft, golden glow of the church’s interior lights. The warm light spills out onto the square in front, casting inviting pools of illumination amidst the encroaching evening darkness.

The evening sky above is painted in deep shades of indigo and cobalt blue, gradually fading into twilight. The full moon, round and luminous, emerges just above the horizon, casting a silvery radiance upon the scene. The moonlight bathes the basilica’s facade, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow. The artist’s skillful use of chiaroscuro lends an ethereal quality to the architecture, emphasizing the basilica’s grandeur.


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